Harry Hamlin calls Scott Disick ‘weird’ with 20-year-old daughter – .

Harry Hamlin calls Scott Disick ‘weird’ with 20-year-old daughter – .

Amelia’s father, 20, revealed his feelings about her relationship with her 38-year-old boyfriend in the latest episode of ‘RHOBH’, telling the ladies he was very concerned about the age difference issue … and he calls it “odd.” “

In the same breath, Harry adjusted to his own story, saying he was comparing Amelia and Scott to himself. If you didn’t know … young Harry went out and had a child with the actress Ursula Andréss who was over 14 years older than him.

Harry and the son of the original Bond girl, Dimitri, was born in 1980, 17 years before getting married Lisa Rinna. Harry and Lisa then had their first daughter, Dalila, in 1998 … and Amelia in 2001.

So Hamlin told the housewives at ‘RHOBH’ he couldn’t really complain that Disick was dating his daughter – but he’s a dad, so you know he’s gonna do it.

Is a confrontation brewing?

Good, Scott recently said if Amelia’s dads have a problem with them being together, he should discuss it with her.


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