Hamilton calls for two-day F1 weekends – .

Hamilton calls for two-day F1 weekends – .

Lewis Hamilton believes the inaugural British Grand Prix sprint proves that F1 could offer a two-day weekend format in the future.

The Silverstone event saw the sprint qualifying concept tested on Saturday to decide the race grid, with Hamilton finishing second behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

This was preceded by a qualifying session on Friday which determined the line-up for the 100 kilometer event.

“This weekend has been great,” said Hamilton. “It was such a fun day, to have qualifying on a Friday, much nicer the way it was organized, the one [practice] session and directly in qualifying.

“In my opinion, it suffices that it be a weekend Saturday and Sunday. This means we have a whole day less, 23 days less to drive these cars on the track and obviously that would be better in terms of going greener. “

Hamilton doesn’t like the sprint adventure

Hamilton finished fastest in the traditional qualifying session on Friday, but lost pole to Verstappen in the sprint after the Dutchman got off to a better start in the 17-lap sprint.

Despite its success, even Verstappen felt that the traditional flying lap format should remain the method of deciding on pole, while Hamilton feared the sprint failed to excite.

“It’s so difficult for us to overtake and, unfortunately, with these cars, you sometimes need pit stops and a strategy to help, otherwise it’s so difficult to come close,” said the seven-time champion.

“It’s always nice to do more races, that’s for sure, but [on Sunday] we only have one event, don’t we? It’s almost like they should do the sprint race on Sunday and the race because there might be a lot of time for people.

“I don’t know if this [the sprint] was the most exciting or not, but we should do more, maybe a different version in the future, because it makes the weekend more enjoyable.


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