Guitarist Eric Clapton says he CANCEL shows at venues that ‘discriminate’ by demanding vaccination – RT UK News – .

Guitarist Eric Clapton says he CANCEL shows at venues that ‘discriminate’ by demanding vaccination – RT UK News – .

    Réagissant au gouvernement britannique exigeant des laissez-passer de vaccin Covid-19 pour accéder aux salles de concert et aux discothèques, le musicien Eric Clapton a déclaré qu'il annulerait les spectacles dans des endroits qui discriminent les non vaccinés.

</p><div><p>Dire qu'il se sentait <em>« responsable de l'honneur de faire une annonce de mon côté »,</em> après que le Premier ministre Boris Johnson a annoncé la réussite du vaccin le 19 juillet, Clapton a déclaré qu'il <em>"ne pas jouer sur une scène où il y a un public discriminé.  À moins qu'il n'y ait des dispositions pour que toutes les personnes y assistent, je me réserve le droit d'annuler le spectacle.</em>

The ‘Change the World’ author accompanied the post with a link to ‘Stand and Deliver’, the song opposing the blockades he recorded with Van Morrison last year.

According to Rolling Stone, Clapton is not set to perform in the UK until May 2022, when he booked two dates at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It also has a “Handle” concerts in North America scheduled for September.

US reactions to Clapton’s announcement fell in the partisan direction, with conservative University Prager praising him for fighting against “Arrogant tyranny” while the Liberals said they never wanted to see him play anyway, and called him racist because of comments made in the 1970s.

The 76-year-old has long been a vocal critic of Covid-19 blockages. Earlier this year, he was convicted of speaking out about the alleged side effects he allegedly suffered after taking the vaccine, complaining of “Agony” and “Chronic pain” this made it impossible to play the guitar for about a week and left his hands too sensitive to heat and cold.

Clapton has sold over 100 million records worldwide during his solo career, performing hits such as “Layla”, “Tears in Heaven” and “My Father’s Eyes”.

While the majority of Covid-19 restrictions in England were lifted on July 19, Johnson’s government plans to use vaccination passes have drawn opposition in the form of petitions and street protests.

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