Guala Closures joins forces with Air France-KLM for a green fuel initiative – .

Guala Closures joins forces with Air France-KLM for a green fuel initiative – .

The manufacturer of caps Guala Closures Group has joined the Air France-KLM Sustainable Aviation Fuel program to support greener air travel around the world.
The aim of the program is to reduce carbon emissions in the aviation sector via an alternative fuel that is supposed to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85%.

The SAF program is part of Air France-KLM’s eco-sustainability initiative which enables companies to play an active role in the future of green air transport.

Greener aviation fuels can be made from used oil, waste and forestry residues and can be incorporated into jet fuel without any engine modification.

As a client company of Air France and KLM, Guala Closures Group can estimate the CO2 emissions linked to its journeys.

This will allow the company to determine an annual contribution that it wishes to devote to the program. All contributions will be invested in the sourcing and consumption of sustainable aviation fuel to promote greener air travel.

“Membership of the Air France-KLM SAF program fits perfectly with our corporate objectives. Every part of a company’s impact on the planet must be evaluated, ”said Gabriele Del Torchio, CEO of Guala Closures Group.

“Travel is an important aspect of Guala Closures life, as we are a global company with many production and R&D sites around the world.

“By acting in concert with our trading partners, we can have a real impact on reducing carbon emissions in several ways. The group congratulates the airline for this initiative which we are proud to support, ”he added.

Stefane Vanovermeier, CEO of Air France-KLM, added: “Air France-KLM is delighted to welcome Guala Closures Group to the SAF program.

“He emphasizes that the production of sustainable aviation fuels is important for everyone, to help achieve carbon emission reduction targets in the aviation sector. Partnering with companies like Guala Closures is an important step in achieving these goals much faster.

“Plus, it shows that many companies share the goal of making their operations more sustainable and that by acting together, they can do more. The program will boost the availability of sustainable aviation fuel on a larger scale, making the price more economically competitive. “


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