Green light for Blyth ‘Gigaplant’ with 8,000 jobs, which could kick off a ‘new generation of economic development’ – .

Green light for Blyth ‘Gigaplant’ with 8,000 jobs, which could kick off a ‘new generation of economic development’ – .

Plans for a car battery factory near Blyth could create up to 8,000 jobs and start a “new generation of economic development.”
British firm Britishvolt’s proposals to build a £ 2.6bn ‘Gigafactory’ in Cambois received the green light from Northumberland County Council today, in the wake of Nissan confirming its intention to launch a program. similar to Wearside.

And development officials predicted that even more investment could flow into the region from the back of the decision.

“But it is clear that with these two factories operating at full capacity, they will potentially only achieve a fifth of the production the UK needs,” said Rob Murfin, County Council Planning Director. .

“The advantage for Northumberland is not just in terms of location, it’s the fact that there is a very strong tendency to emerge that we are seen as a favorable location.

“We must see this program as part of the county’s economic restructuring, to regain the strength it has lost due to the contraction of traditional industries and be the first part of the new generation of economic development.

“There may well be capacity for more battery production in Northumberland. “

Murfin was speaking at this afternoon’s meeting of the local authority’s strategic planning committee, which unanimously approved the bid for the old coal yards at the Blyth power plant.

Early in the process, the panel was advised by Chairman Cllr Trevor Thorne to ensure that members consider the “economic benefits” of the program, as well as customary planning considerations.

It is hoped that the plant will be able to create 3,000 direct jobs and 5,000 more in its supply chain and support services.

A dissenting voice came from Cllr Wallace, who asked why Britishvolt would make contributions to environmental projects at the Potland Burn site in Ashington, rather than closer to Gigaplant.

But despite this, he accepted the broader benefits for the area of ​​plan approval and joined the rest of the committee in a unanimous vote in favor.

He said, “I only see advantages in this app.

“The government is committed to putting electric vehicles on the road by 2030 and this time we are at the forefront, we are not lagging behind.

“Cambois runs Northumberland and it gives me great pleasure to say that. “

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