Grantt Shapps admits missing key meeting on France travel status | United Kingdom

Grantt Shapps admits missing key meeting on France travel status | United Kingdom

Tory MP and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps squirmed over a grill from TalkRadio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer. Ms Hartley-Brewer attacked the MP after admitting he was not in the room for the decision which placed France on the amber plus coronavirus travel list. People returning to the UK from Amber Plus countries must self-quarantine for 10 days even if they are fully vaccinated.

Mr Shapps said: “This beta variant comes from South Africa.
“If you remember we quickly put South Africa on the red list luckily because of this in the UK we saw extremely low levels of the beta variant.

“Due, perhaps, to the French connection with Reunion, they had a higher proportion of cases in France proper, this is the conclusion reached by the joint biosafety center and the Secretary of Health. .

“It was actually done out of order with the three week process, they looked at it and a decision was made. “

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She said: “They alerted the Secretary of Health, you, the Secretary of Transportation, were not in the room for this meeting, you did not make this decision and did not participate in it.
“You weren’t there when this decision was made.

Mr Shapps agreed he was not, and Mrs Hartley-Brewer replied: ‘The Transport Secretary was not in the room when a decision was made to put one of our allies in the nearest and oldest and neighboring countries, a country that many were about to throw in or out of, to put France on that amber more list.

“Why are you still in cabinet if people are allowed to make decisions in your field without telling you?” “

“If we did, you would rightly say that you had this knowledge, this information and that you did not act in the best interests of the country when the alarm was raised.

“We try to deal with all countries in the 3 week process.

“But there will be times when something is of sufficient concern and we need to act immediately. “


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