Government website misleads travelers about true cost of Covid testing – .

Government website misleads travelers about true cost of Covid testing – .

Another company offers a single home PCR test for £ 30, with the caveat that shipping is ‘calculated at checkout’. The cheapest shipping option is £ 35.45 which means the actual cost of the test is £ 65.45.

Mr Boyle said: “For the most part, the only competition going on is where the reseller can invent the smartest way to present an overall low price and climb to the top of the ‘low price’ rankings on the site. of the government. .

“Customers are not initially informed of the actual cost of the test when they complete their purchase. “

Grant Shapps, the Secretary of Transportation, cited figures from the government website when asked about the high cost of testing, saying prices “are no longer in the hundreds of pounds cited in the spring.”

He even told Parliament that ‘I think the cheapest I saw was £ 4.95’ but no such offer exists on the government’s website.

The average price for tests listed on the government website is £ 173, with the more expensive companies listing ‘prices from £ 399’ for a single test.

Companies often charge more than double the cost of a single test for a package that includes a day 2 and day 8 test (which are currently required for return from Amber List countries, although the day 8 test will be dropped from Monday), suggesting they keep the prices of single tests artificially low by adding a larger markup for a second test.


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