Government spent £ 2.1bn on ‘unnecessary’ PPE – .

Government spent £ 2.1bn on ‘unnecessary’ PPE – .

SThe summer vacation plans of nearly six million Britons could be ruined if Spain and Greece follow France on the ‘amber plus’ list requiring isolation on return, according to an analysis.
Labor has said around 5,857,558 people face the prospect of last-minute quarantine demands during the “summer of chaos”, comparing official data with survey responses.

The government has exempted 10-day home isolation for fully vaccinated vacationers returning from Orange List countries, but ministers removed it at the last minute for France over concerns over the beta variant.

There has been speculation that Greece and Spain could face the same measures as France, although the government has not confirmed this.

Labor shadow transport secretary Jim McMahon said: “Not only have they failed to protect our borders, allowing Covid cases to skyrocket – they also refuse to be honest with the public and give them the information they need to book a trip with confidence, with clear information about where infections are spreading in each country.

“Families who booked vacations in good faith are now at risk of losing – a 10-day quarantine is just not an option for many people who are already struggling financially because of the pandemic. ”


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