‘Gossip Girl’ showrunner reveals who was originally supposed to be Gossip Girl – .

‘Gossip Girl’ showrunner reveals who was originally supposed to be Gossip Girl – .

We all now know that Penn BadgleyDan Humphrey’s character was revealed to be the person behind Gossip Girl in the original Gossip Girl series, but we just learned that a different character was going to be the anonymous blogger originally.

Joshua Safran, the showrunner and creator of the HBO Max revival series, opens with the original shots of Gossip Girl.

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Safran was a writer and producer of the original series, although he left after five seasons.

“I think there would have been flaws in someone being Gossip Girl, and it wasn’t Dan when I left the show.” [after Season 5], but I also understand why it’s Dan. Yeah, I agree, there are things that don’t line up, but it had to be Dan, ”he said. The daily beast. “I wanted it to be Nate, and it actually makes a lot more sense when it’s Nate, even when it doesn’t. I mean, it would’ve been great never to reveal it.

Safran then revealed that the initial plans were to have Chace CrawfordNate’s character becomes Gossip Girl.

He said, “It was Nate. It was Nate until the day I left. I think we all came to the conclusion that it could be Nate at the end of Season 4, and then we spent Season 5 getting him ready. If you watch it, there are plenty of clues that it is Nate. But I also think oddly, in black mode, it’s great that we dropped a red herring. But it wasn’t as organic as Dan. With Dan, it makes sense because he wanted to find a way in; but with Nate, it was because he had never sent anything to Gossip Girl, and if it had been Nate, it was based on this idea that he had felt so guilty about sleeping with Serena. that he must have created an alter ego to get us all there.


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