Gorleston message in a bottle found in France – .

Gorleston message in a bottle found in France – .

A message in a bottle sent from Gorleston was found washed up on the coast of France.

Every year, the Hutchinson family of Gorleston – mum Lisa, dad Richard and children Alex, Tia, Adam, Jamie, Tommy and Toby – pull out a glass bottle containing a letter on the pier.

The bottle, released one evening in May this year, was recently found on the Bois de Cise beach in Ault, France, by Jean-Nicolas Dupré and Valentin Noé.

The bottle, originally from Gorleston, was found in Bois de Cise, France.
– Credit: Lisa Hutchinson

Inside the bottle was a letter and a poster with the words “Not all heroes wear capes”.

The letter gives details about the Hutchinson family and their fundraising business, Tia’s Treasures.

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“Always be proud of who you are, of everything you do and the difference you make,” the letter read.

“Tia’s Treasures started out as a fundraising business, but over time we realized that bringing a smile was just as important as fundraising, so we started participating in random acts of kindness as well.

The bottle was found on the beach at Bois de Cise, Ault, France by a French engineer called Jean-Nicolas Dupré and Valentin Noé.
– Credit: Lisa Hutchinson

“We don’t just do it as a family but as a team, there is no ‘I’ in the team.

“Each year on the anniversary of Tia’s Treasures, we publish a message in a bottle in the hope that it will be found, read and reissued to travel the world. “

Mr. Dupré and Mr. Noé released the bottle into the sea in France.

Ms Hutchinson said: “So far we have never heard of any of the bottles found.

“It made our day when we learned that he had been found and in France too. “

Tia’s Treasures continue to spread cuteness with her random acts of cuteness, which can be found on walks around Gorleston, Bradwell, and Great Yarmouth.

The children of the Hutchinson family

The Hutchinson children: Alex, 17, Tia, 16, Adam, 12, Jamie, 11, Tommy, 5 and Toby. 3.
– Credit: Lisa Hutchinson

Tia’s Treasures 10th anniversary was celebrated with a fundraiser for the East of England Ambulance Service incorporating Tommy and Toby’s Norfolk Nee Nors, miniature clay ambulances.

£ 100 was raised via a Justgiving page.

Tia’s Treasures also intends to raise funds for Home-Start Norfolk, a charity aimed at helping parents in need.

A new local company CARR Sales Great Yarmouth has also offered to join us in purchasing car themed key chains for their sales cars, which keeps Tia continuing to fundraise for charity.

Map of United Kingdom and France.

Bois de Cise (with a red pin) is directly south of the British Isles.
– Credit: Google


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