Golden Girls actor dies at 74 from cancer – .

Golden Girls actor dies at 74 from cancer – .

Golden Girls star Chick Vennera has died aged 74.
The Hollywood actor, who was also known for his role in Thank God It’s Friday in 1978, has died of cancer.

His death was confirmed by his daughter Nicky Vennera.

Stephen Spielberg’s production company Amblin paid tribute to the actor, writing, “We are saddened to hear that Chick Vennera, who gave The Goodfeathers’ Pesto a vocal wing (among other characters) in the series original @TheAnimaniacs has died at 74.

“Our condolences to Chick’s family, friends and colleagues. “

Vennera began his acting career as an actor and dancer after serving in the US Army Signal Corps, with his first acting role in a Broadway production of Grease.

Actor Chick Vennera has died aged 74

He went on to star in his first big movie, Thank God It’s Friday, as Marv Gomez, aka the Leatherman.

The actor became best known for his iconic disco dance scene above parked cars in the film.

Richard Gere and Chick Vennera in the 1979 Yanks

Vennera went on to star in a number of films such as High Risk, McBain and Yanks, the latter with Richard Gere.

He also appeared as Pepe / Enrique in three episodes of The Golden Girls in 1989.

After retiring from acting, Vennera taught at the Renegade Theater and Film Group in Los Angeles in 2009.


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