Ghislaine Maxwell piloted 6 British socialites to party at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion – .

Ghislaine Maxwell piloted 6 British socialites to party at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion – .

Ghislaine Maxwell has taken six of Britain’s “most prominent” socialites to a bachelorette party at Jeffrey Epstein’s desert mansion, sources say.
Investigators began interviewing staff who worked on the four-day event in 1999, asking if they saw any girls at the ranch where young women claim to have been sexually abused.

Now, lawyers for Epstein’s victims are urging guests to speak to the FBI ahead of Maxwell’s sexual abuse trial.

Billionaire pedophile Epstein wasn’t at the sprawling Zorro Ranch in New Mexico at the time, and flight logs show him flying in and out of nearby Santa Fe airport on his private jet the days before and after the ‘event.

Investigators showed party staff photos of young girls, asking if they recognized them from the ranch.

But workers say there were no alleged casualties, with sex toys and massage oils also being removed.

Ghislaine took socialites to Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion

A former waitress said: “The women, who all spoke with very chic English accents, were flown to the Santa Fe airport. They were of the highest standard,” Ghislaine tells us. She went to great lengths to impress them.

“Jeffrey’s drivers had to pick them up in two huge SUVs. When they arrived at the ranch, they were greeted by this male model dressed as Zorro.

Zorro Ranch, one of the properties of financier Jeffrey Epstein

“He held the reins of Ghislaine’s horse, Max. All of a sudden, a ranch worker whipped the horse’s backside, and it reared up before taking off. She wanted to make him look like the famous photos of Zorro with his horse Tornado. The poor guy had no idea this was going to happen. He was so angry, but Ghislaine didn’t care. She planned everything to try to show herself.

It was not clear who they were, and one of those interviewed told the Mirror that they were unsure how important, if any, the guests had to the investigation.

Lisa Bloom (lawyer representing Epstein’s alleged victims)

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Guests enjoyed pool parties, tennis, horseback riding and shooting at the ranch. The alleged victims say Maxwell provided them with the same activities before, they claim, she and Epstein sexually assaulted them.

In an appeal to socialites, lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents five of Epstein’s victims, said: “What did you know? Have you closed your eyes? It is not too late to do well. As Maxwell heads to trial, anyone with knowledge of his behavior should immediately contact the FBI so victims can seek justice. ”

Despite dozens of legal allegations of abuse at the ranch, New Mexico officials have refused to launch a criminal investigation into Epstein and Maxwell. Attorney General Hector Balderas’s office has repeatedly refused to say why.

Maxwell is in prison in New York awaiting trial in November. She denies having procured, treated and trafficked minors.

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