German journalist fired after pretending to help clean up flooded town – .

German journalist fired after pretending to help clean up flooded town – .

A German television reporter was fired after she covered herself in mud to make it look like she was involved in cleaning up towns devastated by flooding.
Susanna Ohlen no longer works for RTL, the channel confirmed in a statement on Thursday.

Footage that was secretly recorded by a spectator, before being posted to social media, shows Ms Ohlen – with her back to the camera – picking up mud from the ground and spreading it on what appears to be her face and his clothes.

In the news segment for Hello Germany which has since been deleted online by RTL, it was reporting on clean-up operations following the extreme flooding that completely destroyed many cities in Germany last week.

At least 173 people in Germany and 32 people in Belgium have died in the floods. There are fears that the death toll will continue to rise as at least 176 people are still missing in the two countries, CNN reported.

No fatalities have been reported in the Netherlands, which has also been affected by flooding.

Viewers of Hello Germany a street in Bad Münstereifel in western Germany is shown with the camera panning over mounds of rubble and washed items from people’s homes and businesses.

The RTL report said, according to the German newspaper photo: “RTL presenter Susanna Ohlen helps with the clean-up work in Bad Münstereifel and shares shocking recordings online. “

In her report, the mud-stained Ms Ohlen – who held a shovel and wore a bob, wellington boots, heavy industrial gloves and a shirt with her sleeves rolled up – called on viewers to join in the clean-up operations.

Susanna Ohlen is seen picking up mud from the ground


An RTL spokesperson said Thursday afternoon: “Our journalist’s approach is clearly at odds with journalistic principles and our own standards. So we gave him leave on Monday after hearing about it. “

Ms Ohlen, who has worked for RTL since 2008, apologized for her actions on Instagram, saying she made “a big mistake”.


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