Genesus Global Market Report France, July 2021 – .

Genesus Global Market Report France, July 2021 – .

After preserving price stability during the first five markets in June with an average price of € 1.547 per kg carcass, the pork market in France finally followed the very downward trend of the European market, which first manifested itself on June 9 in Northern Europe.

Since mid-June, the price of pork in France has lost 0.202 € per kg (around 0.24 US $ per kg). The pig sector has reported aggressive competition from European meats, especially from Spain, offered on the French market at very low prices. In addition, packaging factories reported difficulties in passing the price increase on to supermarkets.

Fewer pigs have been slaughtered in recent weeks, reflecting seasonal declines in production but also weak demand from packing plants. Despite the end of COVID-19 restrictions and the expansion of catering, domestic demand is not large and unable to compensate for the sudden withdrawal from many European exporters’ biggest outlet – China.
In certain European markets, a timid recovery seems to be taking place in connection with the choice of holidaymakers to stay in their country. In some places, warmer weather should stimulate demand for grilled pork, but the amount of meat available today remains far greater than consumption that is still struggling to take off. Despite these few positive signs, overall pork prices continued to fall, increasingly jeopardizing the future of many European farms.

Source: Breton Pork Market


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