FTSE 100 Bounces Back But Bitcoin Slips Amid Covid-19 Concerns Business – .

FTSE 100 Bounces Back But Bitcoin Slips Amid Covid-19 Concerns Business – .

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Stock markets are now on edge as the surge in Covid-19 infections threatens to slow the global recovery and dash hopes of an end to restrictions soon.

from Japan Nikkei fell to its lowest level in six months today, falling nearly 1% to its lowest level since early January, as Asia-Pacific markets caught up with yesterday’s losses in the City and on Wall Street.

that of Hong Kong Hang Seng fell 1%, while growth fears also pushed Australia down 0.5% S&P/ASX 200.

Shoichi Arisawa, managing director of the investment research department of IwaiCosmo Titles, Explain :

“Investors are increasingly concerned about a slowing economic recovery.
“The decline in US stocks has hit investor appetite, which was already weak ahead of Japan’s four-day weekend and corporate earnings reports after that. ”

£ 44bn was wiped out of the UK yesterday FTSE 100, while in the United States the Dow had its worst day in nine months – slipping 726 points.

Global liquidation saw investors ditch their stocks and pile up in safe-haven U.S. government bonds, with the prospect of weaker growth to come thanks to the spread of the delta variant

Jim Reid from German Bank says investors fear restrictions will be reimposed in the northern hemisphere this winter:

Unlike some previous Covid-related sales (or vaccine rallies for that matter), there didn’t seem to be a single trigger behind yesterday’s rout, which seemed more like the culmination of growing fears than a return to “normalcy” may be quite a bit further than many had hoped a few months ago.
This is in part because new variations mean that the vaccine rollout won’t necessarily be enough to bring daily life back to its pre-Covid normal, but also depending on the fact that we will be returning to the winter months soon. in the northern hemisphere. , in which respiratory viruses spread more easily. Investors are therefore faced with the very real prospect that the limitations of everyday life could be a factor affecting markets and businesses even through 2022, which falls far short of the hopes many had at the start of this year when the rollout. of the vaccine has started.

European stock markets rallied early in the session, however (more on this shortly) after their worst losses of 2021 so far, but it could still be a hectic day …


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July 20, 2021


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