French Parliament approves bill requiring COVID-19 vaccines for access to shops and restaurants – JURIST – News – .

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The French parliament on Monday approved a bill that makes COVID-19 vaccines compulsory for healthcare workers and requires those who wish to access certain social places to carry a health pass showing proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a recent negative test. These restricted social places include department stores and shopping malls at high risk of contamination, restaurants, places that provide essential goods and services, and some transportation services.
The Senate adopted the bill with the aim of combating COVID-19 by adopting measures that balance societal demands for participation in various activities with the need to limit the circulation of the virus in France, and to report on the national effort in favor of vaccination. For example, the bill extends the health crisis management regime until December 2021, increases penalties for non-compliance with restrictions, and expands isolation measures for those who contract COVID-19.

The bill also obliges people working in the health and medico-social sectors to be vaccinated and provides for penalties in the event of non-compliance. In addition, the bill provides for “compensation for damage directly attributable to compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 by the National Compensation Office for Medical Accidents, Iatrogenic Diseases and Nosocomial Infections”.

The French Prime Minister approved the bill after the Senate approved it by 195 votes to 129 and the National Assembly approved it by 156 to 60.

French protesters who oppose the vaccine mandate gathered in Paris, with some calling for an end to the “health dictatorship”. A protester who has already received the COVID-19 vaccine said she was there because “it’s not about being for or against the vaccines. It is a question of freedom.


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