France passes climate law, but critics say it fails – .

France passes climate law, but critics say it fails – .

Barbara Pompili, French Minister for the Ecological Transition, told lawmakers on Tuesday that the planet was “out of breath”, and she cited recent floods in Germany and Belgium as proof that “the climate is becoming a threat”.

“We live in troubled and difficult times,” she said. But “our future is ours,” she added, calling the new law a “cultural change” that would bring ecology directly into people’s lives.

The law is inspired by the Citizens’ Climate Convention, a panel of 150 randomly selected people from across the country who were tasked with formulating proposals, with the help of experts, that would balance ambitious climate legislation with the economic equity.

Mr Macron convened the convention last year following the yellow vests protests at the end of 2019, when anger over the increase in the fuel tax turned into broader and sometimes violent unrest.


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