France gives green light to AstraZeneca vaccine made in India for international visitors – .

France gives green light to AstraZeneca vaccine made in India for international visitors – .

France announced on Saturday that international travelers who have been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine made in India will be allowed into the country.
The Prime Minister’s announcement follows a backlash after the The European Union’s COVID-19 certificate did not recognize AstraZeneca vaccines made by the Serum Institute of India but recognized those made in Europe, The Associated Press reported.

France will only recognize vaccines approved by European Union drug regulators, meaning travelers who have received vaccines made in China and Russia will not be allowed into the country.

Other countries in the European Union were already accepting the Indian vaccine AstraZeneca before France’s decision.

Along with the updated vaccine policy for international travelers, Tunisia, Indonesia, Cuba and Mozambique have all been added to the country’s “red list” of high risk countries due to coronavirus outbreaks. .

The new measures are coupled with a crackdown on coronavirus vaccines last week by France, which has received a reaction from its citizens.

Healthcare workers are now required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus by September 15, otherwise they will be suspended without pay. Citizens must use COVID-19 passes to perform daily activities such as shopping and dining out.

A COVID-19 pass is only valid if a person is fully vaccinated, has recently recovered from the virus, or has recently tested negative for COVID-19.

French residents took to the streets last week to protest the new warrants, saying the restrictions are unfair.

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