France gave teenagers $ 350 for culture. They buy comics. – .

France gave teenagers $ 350 for culture. They buy comics. – .

But it also uses incentives to push adolescents into new, more stimulating art forms, he said, a type of curation to “get young people to discover the realms of possibilities in cultural life.”

These include recommendation lists curated by Culture Pass staff members and popular artists and celebrities, as well as access to VIP events, like a live concert at the Soulages museum in the south of France. and a look behind the scenes at the Avignon Festival theater.

In a Culture Pass launch speech in May, President Emmanuel Macron, who made the initiative one of his campaign pledges, said France would score a “tremendous victory” when young people stop saying: “This work of literature, this film is not for me.

Still, critics argue that leaving 825,000 teens on the loose with free money and expecting them to be pushed away from the nearest multiplex and into an arthouse movie theater is a naive waste of taxpayer money.

Jean-Michel Tobelem, associate professor at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne specializing in the economics of culture, said it was a laudable effort but that it would greatly benefit mainstream media.

“You don’t have to push young people to go see the latest Marvel movie,” he said. There is nothing wrong with pop music or blockbusters, he said, acknowledging that “you can get into Korean culture through K-Pop and then find out that there is a whole cinema. , a literature, painters and composers that go with it ”.


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