France furious as Macron only allows entry with a dose of vaccine approved by the EU | World

France furious as Macron only allows entry with a dose of vaccine approved by the EU | World

France has slowly started to unblock amid a timid easing of restrictions on coronaviruses, but a new measure is enraging some French and foreign travelers. As part of a new decision by President Macron, France accepts fully vaccinated visitors under certain conditions, but only if the doses they have received have been approved by the European Medicines Agency. Those who do not have an EMA approved vaccine will be refused a vaccination certificate.

“It is a green light for those who have been inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Janssen”, reported France24.
“If you have had your jab outside the EU, French social security can issue you a certificate of entry into French soil.

“But you want to be able to get one of those soon-to-be-needed health passes on trains, restaurants, and bars. “

The issue prompted some French Twitter users to demand action from French Minister of Health Clément Beaune.

One internet user asked: “When will we be added to the European health pass?”
“Has he forgotten the millions of French people from abroad who visit Europe this summer? “

Under a draft decree proposed by Paris, people should show a vaccine to be able to access cafes, restaurants and public transport.

It comes after the French president announced in a public speech on Monday that Covid jabs would be mandatory from September for health workers.

“The equation is simple.

“The more we vaccinate, the less space we leave for this virus to circulate. “

Jérémy Vine panelist Dominique Samuels launched a dazzling rant against MacronJeremy’s vaccine position on Jeremy Vine on Tuesday.

She said: “It just fuels conspiracy theories, I think it should be based on choice and not seek to punish people. “


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