Former Primark employee explains raw meaning of Tannoy store’s ‘code two’ message – .

Former Primark employee explains raw meaning of Tannoy store’s ‘code two’ message – .

Primark stores across the country welcome thousands of shoppers every day, with customers looking for the latest trends at unbeatable prices.
In order to ensure that everything went smoothly, managers and staff had a number of systems and behind-the-scenes operations in place to be able to deliver the best experience.

Over the years, many former employees have lifted the veil on what it’s like to work there and shared a few of these little tips.

But there is a behind-the-scenes knowledge that George Allen decided to share, which we actually wish we didn’t know.

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph, he explained what the store’s code word ‘code two’ actually means – and it’s really, really disgusting.

People lined up outside Primark when it reopened in the wake of the pandemic

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If you hear in-store ads saying “cleaner for men’s clothing, code two,” it means staff have found body fluid.

George explained that “urine and feces in the workshop are quite common” – but they always cleared up quickly.

But he did offer advice on how to withdraw cash from items when you get to the checkout.

He said, “If you want a customer discount at Primark, it’s very easy. If you want an employee discount you have to wait until Christmas and even then you only get 10%.

“For customers, an item with a slight defect or a mark is withdrawn 10% without debate if they request it, as I have seen several times on the checkouts.

“But don’t go too far or you’ll end up in the Book of Faces.” Behind the customer service desk on the third floor is a thick folder filled with CCTV close-ups of the faces of customers who have nicked, ripped off, or behaved in the store.

“I still see some of these culprits walking around town and wonder if they know their notoriety. “

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Another former employee who has spoken out is Ella Mai, who revealed the best way to make sure you get the great deals you’re looking for.

She told Cosmopolitan that if you’re looking for something in demand, you’d better get to Primark early in the morning or an hour before closing.

“These will be the times when our recovery on the ground is at its best. “


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