Former Colombian soldiers deny killing Haitian president – .

Former Colombian soldiers deny killing Haitian president – .

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Former Colombian soldiers imprisoned in Haiti in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse claim not to have killed him and thought they were participating in a US Drug Enforcement Administration mission to arrest the leader, lawyers for the Colombian state, which spoke to men, said Friday.
“They said they didn’t know what had happened,” said Luis Andrés Fajardo, number 2 of the Colombian human rights agency. He spoke with most of the 18 men for about three hours in a Haitian prison. “It was a trap,” he recalled several times.
The ex-servicemen, former special operations soldiers who fought guerrillas in Colombia, were hired by a Miami security company and arrived here between May and June, according to relatives, text messages and Haitians who interacted. with them. But the owner of the company and a group of Haitian businessmen, according to police, instead participated in a plan to assassinate Mr. Moïse.
During interviews with lawyers, during which the military first detailed their story for the Colombian government, the former soldiers repeated the same sentence over and over: “We got screwed.
Even so, some of the men did not speak or spoke little, preferring to spend the time writing letters for Mr. Fajardo’s delegation to take them back to their loved ones in Colombia. The men were handcuffed tightly around the clock for more than a week, they said, and about half of them were handcuffed to each other, Mr Fajardo said.


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