Former 49ers tight end Greg Clark dies at 49 – .

Former 49ers tight end Greg Clark dies at 49 – .

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Greg Clark, who played tight end for the 49ers for five seasons, has died aged 49.

Clark’s cause of death has not been reported. His family released a statement saying they would be participating in brain research to determine if he had a CTE.

Recruited to Stanford by Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh, Clark was an impressive tackle in college who turned out to be a better receiver and athlete than NFL teams expected with his performances in the Shrine Game and during pre-draft training sessions. The 49ers traded in the third round to take on Clark in the 1997 NFL Draft.

Known for his tenacity, Clark suffered injuries including broken ribs, and during a game in Minnesota he performed even though a 49ers medical staff member punctured his lung while injecting pain medication into his body. the ribs before the game. Clark recalled last year how he was rushed to hospital immediately after the game.

“It was like an emergency show you see on TV,” Clark told Matt Maiocco of “You have 12 people around. Everyone is chaotic. They cut your jersey and everything. There’s no time for anesthesia, so they take out the scalpel and cut. You have a bunch of people on one side of you holding you up while another guy has a big pair of pliers and tries to push it through the side of your ribs through the cartilage and all that muscle. And he couldn’t get through. He was just shaking. Do you know how you can see a guy’s eyes and know he’s panicked? I scream. I swore like a sailor. It hurt so much.

In retirement, Clark worked in real estate.


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