Florida emergency nurse hospitalized with COVID-19 now open to vaccine – .

Florida emergency nurse hospitalized with COVID-19 now open to vaccine – .

Florida couple shares their story after being hospitalized with COVID-19. Like the vast majority of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, the couple said they were not vaccinated.

Teddy and Rachel Willems said they fell ill during a July 4 trip to Tennessee. The couple were traveling with their 5-year-old daughter, they were quarantined as a family before both parents needed hospitalization.

“We were both in the hospital together on different floors. Rachel Willems said.

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Teddy Willems, who works as an emergency room nurse at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce, said several “unknowns” about the vaccines, as well as several people he knew experiencing temporary symptoms after receiving a dose, prevented the vaccine to become a priority. for her family.

They said that a few weeks ago the two ended up in the hospital, far from their daughter.

“I think the mental aspect is a big thing that people don’t talk about. Like, especially when we’ve been apart for a week and haven’t seen our daughter for a week, ”said Rachel Willems. “Being in the hospital, you are alone, but then you know that you cannot see your family at all. No one can come and visit you. You cannot see your child.

The couple said they plan to get the shot once he’s fully recovered if his doctor recommends it. They also encourage those who are reluctant to get vaccinated to see their doctor to find out what they recommend.

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” We [weren’t] previously vaccinated. We are going to talk to our doctors. We’re going to go down the path of what they think is best for us, ”said Rachel Willems. “I think of course that everyone is worried about [COVID-19], and we’ve done it before, but I don’t think we’ve lived our lives in fear, but after we had it, especially seeing what it did to her, it’s just a little different.

The couple also said the only person in their vacation party who didn’t get sick was Rachel’s dad. They describe him as over 70, diabetic and the only person in the group to have been vaccinated.

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