Flight attendant explains how passengers can get ‘special treatment’ on flights – .

Flight attendant explains how passengers can get ‘special treatment’ on flights – .

A flight attendant revealed how you can get special treatment on flights – and it’s easier than you might think.
Kat Kamalani has racked up over 720,000 followers on TikTok for her travel tips such as the best packing tips and how to get free drinks on the plane.

In a recent video, which has since been viewed over three million times, Kat revealed the one thing you should do that “will drastically change your flight” – and you might want to take note.

She told her followers, “If you do this simple thing on an airplane, I promise you will get the royal treatment from flight attendants.

“Being a flight attendant is exhausting work.

Kat revealed it all

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“We do different time zones, we wake up at different times and deal with angry customers.

“So I promise you the next time you get on a plane, if you want special treatment from the flight attendants, that’s all you have to do.” “

Kat then tells people that they should buy a gift for their assistant, like a voucher, chocolate bar, or lip balm.

“We will know what you look like and we will know where you are sitting and the whole crew will be taken care of,” she said.

She suggests buying a gift for your companion

Since its publication, the video has racked up nearly 680,000 likes and over 4,000 comments from people who loved the idea – but not everyone was convinced.

One person said, “I always give them donuts !!!!! They treat me so well lol. “

Another added: “I never thought about giving small gifts, but it makes sense! Thanks for that !! “

“Wait, do people give presents to flight attendants?” I’ve never heard of it, commented a third.

However, a few people said flight attendants should “take care of everyone equally” because “it’s their job”.

One person wrote: “So… we have to bribe the flight attendants to do their job?”

“I already paid for the super expensive ticket to get good service, and then you want me to bring presents?” Asked another spectator.

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What do you think of the idea? Would you like to give gifts to your flight attendant? Let us know in the comments.


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