Five new Covid travel rules for France, UK quarantine included – .

Five new Covid travel rules for France, UK quarantine included – .

Several key changes to Covid travel rules in France went into effect today or last weekend.
To help you keep track of them, here is a summary of the main things you need to know if you are traveling to or from France.

1. No need for a Covid test for fully vaccinated people from Orange and Red List countries

France has simplified the rules for vaccinated people arriving in the country from Amber List or Red List countries like the UK. There is no longer a need for an incoming Covid test.

There was no longer any need for people vaccinated from these countries to justify an “essential reason” for coming to France.

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2. France now accepts the Covishield vaccine

France will now recognize the version of the AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured at the Serum Institute of India (SSI), commonly marketed under the name Covishield.

This should now remove any doubt as to the acceptability of doses of ‘AstraZeneca’ vaccine administered in the UK with batches of SSI.

Technically, France has said it will now accept both vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency and other vaccines accepted by its own national regulatory body as having similar composition and manufacturing processes, such as Covishield.

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3. France excluded from new British rule allowing returning tourists to skip quarantine

British tourists returning from Amber countries no longer need to self-quarantine for 10 days if they are fully vaccinated – unless they are returning from France.

The UK government says the move is due to concerns about the levels of the beta variant (“South Africa”) in France.

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4. France adds more countries to its red list

Tunisia, Mozambique, Cuba and Indonesia have joined France’s red list.

Essentially, the “red list” means particularly strict quarantine requirements on entry into France.

As for amber countries, on the other hand, the entry of vaccinated people from countries on the red list no longer requires a Covid test (see above).

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5. Stricter Covid testing rules for unvaccinated people from the UK and five other European countries

Those coming from the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Cyprus or Greece, who are not fully vaccinated with a vaccine accepted by France, must now present a Covid test dating from the last 24 hours before leaving.

This can be a PCR test or an antigen test, the latter being probably the most practical option given the short time frame.

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