FDA extends shelf life of J&J vaccine to 6 months, after states remain inundated with millions of near-expired doses – RT USA News – .

FDA extends shelf life of J&J vaccine to 6 months, after states remain inundated with millions of near-expired doses – RT USA News – .

    La Food and Drug Administration des États-Unis a accepté de prolonger la date d'expiration du vaccin Covid de Johnson & Johnson à six mois, la repoussant pour la deuxième fois alors que les États « noyés » dans les jabs luttent pour s'en débarrasser.

</p><div><p>La société Big Pharma a déclaré mercredi dans un communiqué que la FDA avait approuvé la nouvelle date d'expiration, ajoutant que la décision avait été<em> "sur la base des données des études d'évaluation de la stabilité en cours, qui ont démontré que le vaccin est stable à six mois."</em>

The regulator said in a letter to J&J that the extended shelf life would also apply to batches that had already expired as long as they were stored at a specified temperature.

Wednesday’s extension is the second approved for J&J shooting, with the FDA extending its initial shelf life from three months to four and a half months on June 10. The move came as officials in several states warned their unused doses would expire before the end of June.

Last week, the medical journal Stat reported that “Several state health services” recently asked the federal government to “Redistribute their supplies to other countries”, raising fears that the doses will soon be rendered unnecessary.

“We are drowning in this kind of thing” Robert Ator, who heads the vaccine deployment in Arkansas, spoke about the state’s stockpile. “It’s starting to get a little silly and we want to make sure we’re good stewards. “

Stat observed that waste could be avoided if health officials agreed to extend the shelf life of vaccines, but noted “These expiration dates can only be extended until now. “

In New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania alone, more than 800,000 doses of J&J were at risk of wasted by the end of June, as health officials struggled to convince residents to receive the vaccine. Part of the reluctance may stem from an FDA order to stop the rollout of J&J in April to look at potentially serious side effects. Although he determined that side effects were very rare, that fear – and others since – may have been enough to put some residents off for good.

While J & J’s vaccine was eagerly awaited due to its one-shot formulation, rivals Pfizer and Moderna largely beat it to the fist, with their own emergency jabs granted months before J & J’s. Additionally, the two rival companies have already provided more than enough doses to immunize all eligible Americans, with 150 million already fully immunized with their two-dose vaccine, compared to just 13 million for J&J’s vaccine.

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