Fauci warns of a new wave of COVID as poll shows Republicans are still reluctant to get vaccinated. – .

Fauci warns of a new wave of COVID as poll shows Republicans are still reluctant to get vaccinated. – .

Anthony Fauci is worried about the emergence of “almost two types of America” ​​because vaccination rates vary considerably by region. About 99% of recent deaths from COVID-19 in the United States involved unvaccinated people, the country’s top infectious disease expert said, calling it a “tragic” situation. “It is terrible, especially for those of us who have been confronted with diseases for which you do not have an effective countermeasure” Fauci said on NBC Meet the press. “When you have a situation like today, where you have a formidable enemy in the virus that has tragically really disrupted our planet for a year and a half… and yet we have a countermeasure that is very, very effective . “

Even as overall vaccination rates increase across the country, the delta variant could lead to a sharp increase in cases in areas with particularly high reluctance. There is a “disparity in willingness to get vaccinated,” Fauci said. “So there are some states where the immunization level of individuals is 35% or less. Under these circumstances, you might expect to see spikes in certain regions, states, cities, or counties. “This likely increase means that even fully vaccinated people should” go the extra mileAnd strive to wear masks in areas with low vaccination rates.

Fauci called on people to stop viewing vaccines as a political issue and simply recognize that they save lives. “We are facing a historic situation with this pandemic, and we have the tools to counter it,” he said. “So, for God’s sake, put all these differences aside and realize that the common enemy is the virus. “In much of the world, Fauci said, there are people” who would do anything to get vaccinated.  »

Fauci’s plea came as a Washington Post / ABC News poll released on Sunday found that only 45% of Republicans had been shot at least one bullet, compared to 86% of Democrats. While only 6% of Democrats say they are unlikely to get the vaccine, nearly half of Republicans, 47%, say the same. Nearly four in ten Republicans say they definitely won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, while 22% of independents feel the same. Of those unvaccinated, 60% say U.S. officials are exaggerating the risk of the delta variant.

In May, President Joe Biden set a goal of giving 70% of the population at least one injection of COVID-19 by July 4. In the end, only 20 states, Washington, DC and two territories achieved this goal.


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