Fat Joe called Biz Markie’s wife every week for a year before he died – .

Fat Joe called Biz Markie’s wife every week for a year before he died – .

MC’s recently deceased wife, Tara Room, tells us that of all the people who reached out while Biz was sick… Joe was the one who was always there, from the moment Biz entered the hospital last June due to complications from diabetes.

Tara says as soon as Joe heard the news he was on the phone with her every week – checking on Biz, Tara and the rest of their loved ones to see if they needed anything and to let them know he was there. for them… financially or otherwise.

She tells us that Joe was literally ready to open his own wallet to whatever Biz’s family needed during his hospital stay – one that was pretty isolated due to COVID-19 regulations that didn’t really allow Tara to be with her husband, day after day outside.

Even now, after her death, Tara says that Joe offered to cover memorial or funeral expenses – however, she politely refused each time, saying they didn’t need the dough… but that she appreciates the gesture.

Joe’s admiration and dedication to Biz and his family is a sign of how loved and respected he was in the New York hip-hop community – and although he was one of the few who went to the beyond, we are told that several others were keeping an eye on the seam.

Tara says that other icons like Doug E. Fresh, big daddy kane and Trail likewise checked on their friend.

As we first reported… Biz Markie passed away last week at the age of 57, and it’s clear that her family is eternally grateful for the love and support so many have shown.


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