Everton’s triple transfer clarifies Rafa Benitez’s plan – .

Everton’s triple transfer clarifies Rafa Benitez’s plan – .

Everton’s transfer window finally seems to come to life.
And, during his vacation after his exploits with England throughout Euro 2020, Dominic Calvert-Lewin may well raise his eyebrows at what he sees.

Over the past few days, it has been revealed that Everton are getting closer to their first two contracts of the summer, with Asmir Begovic and Andros Townsend set to confirm their respective moves to Goodison Park.

Another player the Blues are interested in is Demarai Gray, although any potential hit for the Bayer Leverkusen star will not be as close as the previous duo mentioned.

And, on Monday, ECHO revealed that Benitez also has an interest in the exciting Dwight McNeil, 21, of Burnley – which could cost up to £ 25million as competition from Aston Villa may exist.

Three of these four players fit a very special mold, which will surely suit Calvert-Lewin down to the ground.

It’s no surprise to see Everton linked with a number of winger during this transfer window, it’s a position many have highlighted as in desperate need of improvement.

In particular, someone to play on the right flank was needed, but with Bernard’s potential to leave this summer, as a possible move to the Middle East has been touted, increased quality on both sides may well become the strategy.

Towards the second half of the 2020/21 campaign in particular, the ability to cross these large areas of the pitch was clearly lacking at Everton – except when Lucas Digne stepped forward from left-back or when James Rodriguez was on the ground.

Apart from those two, the Blues have always struggled to cross the ball into the box with a lot of authority, conviction or precision.

In turn, this removed one of Calvert-Lewin’s most powerful assets from his arsenal. His jumping and heading abilities are almost unmatched in the Premier League.

In fact, the England international has consistently scored more headed goals than anyone in the Premier League last season with seven, despite Everton’s inability to find him consistently in the box.

This is something Benitez has touched on before, praising his striker right after his first press conference as manager of the Blues last week.

He said: “It’s very easy to see that we have a great center forward. He’s very good in the air, he can score goals. But we have to give him good crosses, good passes.

“So the goal is to add players to improve. We can improve in these areas and, from large areas, the centers will come. When we can do that, the team will be better. “

Already, the manager’s goal seems to be materializing.

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Andros Townsend is a more experienced chef who arrives at the club this summer from Crystal Palace, but has an interesting statistic.

Along with his five Premier League assists last season, the 30-year-old also had the best crossover accuracy of anyone in the Premier League – those who attempted 25 or more balls into the box – with 33% .

Surely that would be enough to intrigue Calvert-Lewin.

The addition of someone like Demarai Gray could also prove to be a shrewd signing if the Blues were to pursue their interest in the Bundesliga star.

He may not have experienced the rise that some might have envisioned, but the 25-year-old still has plenty of time to progress and could desperately prove himself in a big stage once again.

A reported fee of £ 1.5million could also represent as little risk as possible for Everton, especially given the current financial fair play situation.

The same cannot be said in this case for McNeil, who would command a potential £ 25million prize for his services, but he would be a player to instantly improve the club’s starting 11.

Another player with five Premier League assists last season, the 21-year-old has been highlighted by many in recent years as a potential future star with plenty of room for improvement.

He attempted an average of 1.4 crosses per game last season in the Premier League, very similar to Digne’s figure of 1.5.

These two complementing each other on the left flank could easily be a nightmare for opposition defenses to deal with. Both are very capable of placing a cross exactly where they want it in the penalty area.

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All of this highlights a potential change in strategy for the Blues that hasn’t been seen in a while at Goodison Park.

While Everton has been dangerous on the flanks in recent years, much of it has come from forward full-backs rather than full-fledged wingers providing crosses into the box.

Instead, the club often preferred to use their wide man almost like an inside striker, with stars such as Richarlison picking up the ball from the left and slicing inside to attack through the middle.

While it has worked on occasion, Benitez has clearly highlighted Calvert-Lewin as the club’s real danger. Playing on its strengths is key, and that means the quality goes into the box.

What will be interesting is how this affects the rest of the team, as this is a clear change in approach and dynamics across the team.

How will the likes of Bernard and Alex Iwobi feel about these new entrants, for example? Where will Richarlison’s position be in the future? Which mix of central midfielders will best complement the wide ones?

These are questions the manager must answer throughout the preseason and into the 2021/22 term, however.

This clear Everton strategy is a potentially exciting new direction for the club, if the right players can be brought in for the right prices.

We are now waiting to see if these agreements can be concluded.


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