EU unveils tough new climate rules, including tax on foreign polluters – .

EU unveils tough new climate rules, including tax on foreign polluters – .

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European Union policymakers on Wednesday unveiled their most ambitious plan yet to tackle climate change, aiming to turn green goals into concrete action this decade and, in so doing, pave the way for other major economies in the world. world.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive body, has explained in detail how the 27 countries in the bloc can meet their collective goal of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by 55% from 1990 levels of by 2030 – a step towards “net zero” emissions by 2050..

This will mean increasing the cost of carbon emissions for heating, transportation and manufacturing, taxing high carbon aviation fuel and shipping fuel that have not been taxed previously, and charging importers to the border carbon emitted during the manufacture of products such as cement, steel and aluminum abroad. He will make history about the internal combustion engine.

“We are going to ask a lot of our citizens. We are also going to ask a lot of our industries, but we are doing it for a good cause, ”said EU climate policy chief Frans Timmermans.

“We are doing it to give humanity a chance to fight. “

A forklift moves crushed bales of plastic bottles at a Dutch recycling depot in this file photo. In addition to the rules on solid waste, Europe is now working to aggressively reduce emissions of polluting gases. (Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg)

The ‘Fit for 55’ measures will require the approval of Member States and the European Parliament, a process which could take two years.

They are also likely to face intense lobbying from certain industrial sectors, from poorer European member states wishing to protect their citizens from price hikes, and from more polluting countries facing a costly transition.

A diplomat from an EU country said the package’s success would hinge on its ability to be realistic and socially fair, without destabilizing the economy.

“The aim is to bring the economy to a new level, not to stop it,” the diplomat said.

Europe rejects 8% of global emissions

The EU produces just eight percent of global emissions, but hopes its example will spark ambitious action from other major global economies when they meet in Glasgow in November for the next UN climate conference.

“Europe was the first continent to declare itself climate neutral in 2050, and now we are the very first to put a concrete roadmap on the table,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

WATCH | European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen sums up the new plan:


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