Esther Dingley: Human remains found are missing in British hiker, charity says

Esther Dingley: Human remains found are missing in British hiker, charity says

Human remains found during the search for a missing British hiker have been confirmed to be his, according to a charity.

Esther Dingley, 37, was last seen walking alone in the Pyrenees near the Franco-Spanish border on November 22 last year.

She had been traveling across Europe in an RV with her partner since 2014, but disappeared on a three-day solo hike.

A bone found in the mountain range last week has been DNA tested and confirmed to be Ms Dingley’s, said overseas crisis support charity LBT Global (formerly Lucie Blackman Trust) said.

In a statement, his partner Daniel Colegate and mother Ria Bryant said: “We have all known for many months that how lucky we would be to kiss our beloved Esther again, to feel her warm hand in ours, to see her beautiful smile and watch the room light up again every time she arrived was tiny, but with that confirmation that the little hope has now vanished. It is devastating beyond words.

“At this point, with a single bone found and no sign of any equipment or clothing in the immediate vicinity (which was again closely searched for several days), details of what happened and where still remain. unknown.

“Search and rescue teams intend to continue their search on foot and with drones, including trying to find traces of Esther’s equipment to understand how this tragedy happened. “

They added: “The family would like to express their gratitude to the officers in charge of the various police units in France and Spain, the British consulates in Bordeaux and Barcelona, ​​and LBT Global, who have all kept in close contact with us for months. now.

“Their continued support and determination to find answers is welcome. “

LBT Global Managing Director Matthew Searle said: “This is the tragic end we all dreaded.

“This is devastating news for those close to Esther – never before have I seen such incredible determination as that shown by Daniel in his relentless physical search for the mountains. ”


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