Esther Dingley: Dental Records of Missing British Hiker Sent to France After ‘Human Bones’ Discovered

Esther Dingley: Charity is ‘aware’ of possible human bones found near where British hiker went missing

The dental files of the missing British hiker Esther Dingley are sent to the French authorities following the discovery of possible human remains in the Pyrenees.

Ms Dingley, 37, was last seen walking alone in the mountains near the French-Spanish border on November 22 last year.

She was due to return from a three-day solo hike and return home to the UK with her partner Dan Colegate, but never returned.

Her mother Ria Byrant, 74, told the Sunday Times that French police requested her daughter’s dental records after local police said on Friday she may have discovered human remains near her last known location .

“The dentist sends a scan of Esther’s teeth. We have to send it to the consulate in Bordeaux, ”she told the newspaper.

Ms Dingley had been traveling since 2014. Photo: LBT Global

Ms Bryant moved to the Pyrenees in June to help search for her daughter.

She was planning to return to Britain this month, but told the newspaper she had changed her plans following the developments.

Charity LBT Global, which supports the families of the missing, previously said it was “aware of the discovery of what may be human remains near Esther Dingley’s last known location.”

“The family has been made aware of the discovery and we are now supporting them,” she wrote in a statement.

French police chief Jean Marc Bordinaro said: “We cannot say anything at the moment because the discovery of the bones is too recent and they must be properly analyzed”.

Earlier this year, Ms Dingley’s partner revealed that authorities were ‘examining options beyond a mountain accident« .

They had been traveling Europe in motorhomes together since 2014.


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