Emmanuel Macron launches legal action after the comparison of posters of Adolf Hitler | World

Emmanuel Macron launches legal action after the comparison of posters of Adolf Hitler | World

Emmanuel Macron mandated a Parisian law firm to file a complaint against Michel Ange Flori, a native of the Var, and behind the posters representing the President of the Republic in the guise of Adolf Hitler. The posters, which appeared in the southern city of Toulon, showed Macron in disguise as a Nazi leader with a text below that read: “Obey. To get vaccinated. ”

An investigation is already underway, opened for “public insult” by the Toulon prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, July 20.
“I seized the departmental security of the Toulon police station as part of a preliminary investigation,” Toulon prosecutor Bernard Marchal told AFP, specifying that the qualification retained could change.

The author of the posters is to be heard today, July 29 at the police station.

Flori’s lawyer, contacted by France Bleu, said the young man would appear, specifying that “the poster is excessive and it is the principle of caricature.

“But that’s not offensive. ”
“I was surprised and shocked,” Flori told a local newspaper, after being summoned by police for the incident.

“They confirmed that there had been a complaint from the Elysee,” he added, referring to the official residence of the French president.

He then tweeted: “In Macron’s country, showing the Prophet’s rear is satire, making fun of Macron as a dictator is blasphemy. “

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He had invoked “the right to parody and freedom of expression” as his defense.

Argument not accepted, he had been sentenced to a fine of € 32,000 for infringement of trademark rights.

Flori told local media he would be comfortable with his summons.

In this case, he incurred a fine of € 12,000, for alleged public insult to the President of the Republic.


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