Emmanuel Macron faces resignation demands amid protests against French health pass | World

Emmanuel Macron faces resignation demands amid protests against French health pass | World

French President Emmanuel Macron is coming under increasing pressure amid an explosion of anger at his policies that is erupting in the streets of France. Tens of thousands of people demonstrated across the country this afternoon against Mr. Macron’s anti-Covid policy. Protesters clashed with police as violent scenes erupted in the Parisian capital.

Footage showed riot police, deployed to crush protests, firing tear gas at protesters.
Gatherings were also held in dozens of towns and villages across France.

In Marseille, thousands of people chanted cries of “Liberty, Liberty” or “Macron, your pass, we don’t want it”.

Much of the anger was directed at the extension of what is known as the health pass, as well as compulsory vaccination for certain professions.

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Former MEP and current leader of the Les Patriotes political party Florian Philippot, who addressed the protesters at the rally, then tweeted: “100,000 people shouted ‘Macron resign’!
“You have to say no to Macron. “

New government measures include the requirement to have a “health pass” to access restaurants, bars and other cultural establishments.

The passes reveal information such as immunization status or whether the holder has tested negative within the previous 24 hours.

Despite the general outcry in the streets, a large majority of French people (76%) approve of President Macron’s decision to make vaccination compulsory for health workers and other professions.

A recent Elabe poll for BFMTV on July 13 also found a majority in favor of extending the health pass.

However, there are signs that officials in Mr Macron’s government are feeling the pressure.

Health Minister Olivier Véran said the government “will end the health pass as soon as we can.”


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