Elite hopeful RB Branson Robinson made his college decision – .

Elite hopeful RB Branson Robinson made his college decision – .

He appreciates them, but those comparisons to UGA or Bulldog lore don’t end there. Or with the school colors and similar “power G” logo that its Germantown Mavericks share with the UGA program. Robinson’s teammates called him “Zeus” because of his impressive physique. Former 5-star and current Bulldog RB Zamir White was given the same nickname in high school.

Robinson was even inspired by Herschel Walker growing up. He and his father vividly remember watching a Walker’s documentary about his now famous workout regimen. Robinson shared these stories of doing 1,000 push-ups and 800 sit-ups every night, just like Walker before gaining access to the Germantown weight room.

The 5-foot-10, 220-pounder becomes the 12th member of the 2022 recruiting class for the Bulldogs. The decision takes Georgia from ninth overall to just over Alabama to sixth-best class in the country on 247Sports TeamComposite ratings.

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He also becomes the fourth highest rated member of the recruiting class to date. Robinson is ranked No. 4 in the country RB and No. 46 in the Overall Outlook for 2022 on the 247Sports Composite rating.

Mississippi prospect RB Branson Robinson became the 12th member of the 2022 class in Athens.
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This decision was the subject of deliberations between the Bulldogs and the Volunteers.

“Now that I have made up my mind, it was difficult,” said Robinson. “It really came down to two schools. We had to analyze the pros and cons of everything. The team I chose had a slight advantage over the next two teams behind them. It was a very close race and I really had to dig deep and figure out who really had the most advantages and the least disadvantages and then do what was best for me.

Robinson summarized his decision with his family last Sunday afternoon.

“We saw what Georgia do with their offense and what Tennessee do and then different things outside of football,” said Robinson. “Everything with all that with education, NIL and the league and stuff like that. We just concluded that Georgia was the best option for me.

The Bulldogs had prioritized Robinson in this class since the middle of his junior season. Robinson had maintained the Bulldogs as his best school since the end of his junior year. He averaged 9.6 yards per run attempt on his way to 1,179 yards in nine games last fall.

Those attempts resulted in 15 rushing touchdowns and an average of 131 yards per game in 2020. Check out his flagship junior film below.

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The entry of Georgian receiver De’Nylon Morrissette is also very happy today. Robinson said he has strong friendships with several members of the 2022 recruiting class. He has included Jordan James, Gunner Stockton and Jalon Walker.

But Morrissette tirelessly tried to make sure he still loved Georgia.

“He was the one who recruited me the hardest and he and I got closer on my first visit to Athens and we spent the whole visit,” said Robinson. “We still talk every other day. I am really the closest to him among all Georgian recruits. But I’m also very close to all of Georgia’s commitments. I am close to Gunner. Near Jalon. I talk to them all, but I think De’Nylon will be the happiest.

Georgia’s fan base also made a difference in their perception of the program.

“It’s a big part of Georgia, too,” Robinson said this week. “The fan base is amazing. Every time I post something. It might be just a little tweet or something and Georgia fans are the first to go there and like it and comment on it or something. They will say nice things about me and always contact me on Instagram in my DMs and tell me how much they need me and stuff like that.

“When I sign up, I know all these Georgia fans are going to go crazy. “

Robinson will now play Morrissette as a Senior Recruiter with another 5-star target on Georgia’s board.

That would be 5 star security Kamari Wilson.

“I have to go after Kamari,” said Robinson. “Kamari would be my number one. I knew Kamari even before I went to visit Georgia. I talked to him and everything and Kamari should be my # 1 target.

The newest engagement Georgia Bulldog will return to Athens at the end of July for the barbecue event. He said he wanted to go and his mother wanted to go too. She missed a day of her official visit in June due to a family funeral.

He had told DawgNation after this official visit that he did not want to leave. He even thought about getting involved during this trip. But his father, Reginald, had arranged their visits in June so that no decision was made until all official and unofficial visits had taken place.

The Robinson family were keen to exercise due diligence in the process.

“He loved Georgia from the start too,” said Robinson. “He knew it was one of my best schools. The big thing with him was that he just wanted to make sure I could see everything and explore all of my options. He had known Georgia from the start. We said so. We talked about it. We said about Georgia, when I went on the visit, he felt like he was getting the most out of these people. He knew from the start that Georgi was the place to be, but he also wanted me to explore all of my options.

Robinson is ranked by Rivals.com as the nation’s No.1 RB and the US’s No.16 overall prospect for the 2022 cycle.

“I’m excited man,” Robinson said. “I’m just ready to go to Athens and show everyone what I can do and bring a championship to Georgia and maximize my talent there and just be awesome. “

Branson Robinson is now the 12th member of the class of 2022 in Athens.
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