Edge explains why he didn’t want to be in the first money game in the bank – .

Edge explains why he didn’t want to be in the first money game in the bank – .

Edge didn’t even want to be in the original Money In The Bank match, but now he realizes the important role he and the match itself have played in WWE history.

Edge was a guest on WWE’s The Bump and was asked about his legacy in the Money In The Bank match. The former double contract winner said he wished he had a better story and could say he knew it would be that big step, but it was just the opposite. Edge explained that he didn’t even want to be in the original match at WrestleMania 21, noting that he felt like he would be stereotyped as a “ladder match guy.”

Edge had been a part of several all-time great games with the Hardys and Dudleys (and TLC), and tried to get out of that game in 2005. He said it wasn’t until he actually conceded. his briefcase to New Year’s Revolution. that he understood the seriousness of it all and finally realized the opportunity he had been given.

“I wish I could say I had this vision of how this would become its own pay-per-view and no, not at all. In fact, when they first told me that I would be in this game called Money In The Bank, I said, “Another ranking game? Since I don’t want to be the ‘ladder match guy’ I want to do more than that, ”Edge explained,“ I want a straight wrestling match where I can just go in and go.

“And I actually said, ‘Don’t put me in it. I will find my way on WrestleMania in another way. And if I’m not on this year, I’ll make sure I’m on next year, but I’m sick of ranking matches. I don’t want to be labeled for this. It wasn’t very bright for that. [laughs] So in the end, and it seems so stupid, but I had to be convinced to participate in the game. It wasn’t until about eight months later, holding this briefcase and carrying it with me, on every plane – I had to take this thing everywhere – that’s when I started to realize it, ”he said. he declared. “And when I went out to New Year’s Revolution and heard the crowd, that’s when I was like, ‘Ohhh…. it’s something. It’s something very cool. ‘

Edge then spoke about the history of the match itself and how the contract has helped create new stars, adding that he now hopes he left the company in a better place than he has. find.

“And then to be involved in the next five years of cashing out – I cashed or he was cashed on me, or I was in the game he was cashed in – it’s so amazing to sit down.” and to think that I was a big part of Money In The Bank, which is now a pay-per-view, and TLC, which is now a pay-per-view, that’s really cool. It’s the kind of thing, when you get into this industry and think about getting out of it, you’re like, “OK, I hope I gave back to this industry and I improved it while I was. here. Hopefully that should be the goal. Helping talent along the way, pushing people, whatever, ”he explained,“ I think even though those are the only two things I leave behind because there was a lot of talent. involved, then it’s mission accomplished. “

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