Dutch student will be the youngest in space with a seat on Bezos’ Blue Origin

Dutch student will be the youngest in space with a seat on Bezos’ Blue Origin

An 18-year-old Dutch student will become the youngest person in space after being confirmed as the first paying passenger aboard Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ rocket when it takes off next week.

Oliver Daemen will join Bezos, the brother of tycoon Mark and veteran aviator Wally Funk on the New Shepard mission to space when it takes off from Texas on Tuesday.

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Bezos chooses Wally Funk to join him in space

Funk, who was one of 13 women to participate in NASA space flight training in the 1960s but was denied actual missions, will become the oldest person in space during the next week’s flight.

the original auction winner to get fourth place in the capsule disowned the first mission due to a scheduling conflict. The anonymous bidder paid $ 28 million.

Daeman’s millionaire father, Joes, is believed to have secured a seat on the second scheduled flight in the auction, but offered his son his seat when the seat became available on the first flight.

The teenager, who graduated from high school last year and is scheduled to study physics at the University of Utrecht, says the flight will make his life’s dream come true.

Bezos’ flight will come nine days after being defeated in space by billionaire rival Richard Branson. The tycoon of the Virgin completed a successful return on Sunday, 17 years after he began his quest to take passengers into space.

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Branson in space: “I was once a child with a dream”

But it will likely be next year before any of the hundreds of people who have paid up to £ 250,000 for a ride with Virgin Galactic can actually make the trip.

Taking a paying passenger is a defining moment for Bezos Blue Origin.

Unlike Branson’s air-launched spacecraft, Bezos’ New Shepard will take off like a more traditional rocket and capsule launch.

Those on board will experience the weightlessness of weightlessness for a few minutes at a height of 62 miles above the earth’s surface, higher than the 53 miles achieved by Virgin Galactic. Where Branson had two pilots on board, there will be no crew in New Shepard because the whole operation is automated.

Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk are in a billionaire battle for the stars

Branson, Bezos, and SpaceX founder Elon Musk have been engaged for years in a billionaire’s battle to win the space tourism race. Musk was in New Mexico to witness Branson’s flight and the three continue to believe that there is a huge market among those who want to fly into space.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have received approval from the United States Federal Aviation Administration to carry passengers into space and Branson and Bezos know this is a key time to reassure customers that they can safely perform missions. Musk has yet to confirm whether he will be seated on a SpaceX trip.

Bezos, who has spoken of creating space colonies to house billions of people, knows the world will be watching its launch from the small town of Van Horn in Texas.

His spacecraft New Shepard is named after Alan Shepard, the first American to travel to space, and the launch will take place on the 53rd anniversary of the first moon landing.


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