Driver Charged with Acrobatic Driving on Bronson Avenue Also Receives ‘Beach Warning’ License Suspension – .

Two Ottawa Police officers indicted in corruption investigation – .

OTTAWA – Ottawa Police say a motorist arrested for acrobatic driving on Bronson Avenue also received a three-day license suspension for a blood alcohol level within the warning range.

Members of the Ottawa Police Traffic Unit issued 63 tickets Friday night in connection with Project Noisemaker, including 16 for speeding.

On Twitter, police say a motorist was observed driving at 112 km / h on Bronson Avenue in a 60 km / h zone.

“The driver gave a warning – three day license suspension for the warning. 14-day and seven-day license suspension for stunt driving, ”police said.

Drivers who register a blood alcohol concentration in the “warning range” of 0.5-0.8 will receive an automatic three-day driver’s license suspension for the first offense.

Three other drivers were charged with acrobatic driving on Bronson Avenue on Friday.

  • Motorist traveling at 102 km / h in a 60 km / h zone
  • Motorist traveling at 103 km / h in a 60 km / h zone
  • Driver traveling at 106 km / h in a 60 km / h zone

Drivers who stopped exceeding the 40 km / h speed limit on Bronson Avenue have been charged with acrobatic driving under Ontario’s new rules for acrobatic driving and street racing on municipal roads.

As of July 1, a motorist observed driving 40 km / h or more above the speed limit on a road with a maximum limit below 80 km / h will be charged with acrobatic driving.

The road penalty for stunts is now a seven-day license suspension and the vehicle is impounded for 14 days. The previous road vehicle impoundment was seven days.


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