Drew McIntyre on Bringing Back His “Broken Dreams” Theme Song – .

Drew McIntyre on Bringing Back His “Broken Dreams” Theme Song – .

On Drew McIntyre’s first run with WWE, when he was pushed way too hard, way too fast, he was using a theme song that was, in a nutshell, amazing. This is without a doubt one of the best theme songs a wrestler has used in quite some time.


“You never hear the blow that knocks you down” is an amazing phrase, by the way.

But then he grew and got a lot bigger and better in almost every way imaginable and now we can listen to him go into this:

Which, okay, it’s not times. But this is not a “shattered dream”.

Speaking of which, the Battleground podcast asked him if it was possible that this theme could make a comeback and McIntyre said this (transcript via Wrestling Inc):

“Okay, one of these days the music is going to come back because I hear this question all the time. I see it every day on social networks. One of these days I’m going to get it approved. I’ll have it for a show. I am sure we still have the rights to it and I will convince management to let me use it. And everyone in the crowd knows the lyrics to that song better because if I go over there and everyone says to me, “what is this? then I will be disappointed. So everyone starts to learn the lyrics because eventually I will have this song.

I sincerely hope that he is a man of his word and that he manages to bring back this old theme.


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