Double-bitten Piers Morgan believes he caught covid amid final Euro chaos – .

Double-bitten Piers Morgan believes he caught covid amid final Euro chaos – .

Piers Morgan has revealed he recently caught the coronavirus – despite having been doubly vaccinated.
The former Good Morning Britain presenter, columnist and vocal critic of the government’s handling of the pandemic said he believed he caught the Delta variant of the disease while watching England play against Italy in the final of Euro 2020.

Although the event was supposed to be an event in which only fully vaccinated spectators or those with a recent negative test were in attendance, it was marred by a number of incidents where people broke into the stadium without a ticket.

He told the Daily Mail that his confidence in the event as a “covid safe” had been disintegrated by “masses of ticketless thugs violating security… .. it was becoming unregulated free for all”

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Morgan, 56, said he started having symptoms of the coronavirus two days after the Euro 2020 final with both a lateral flow test and a PCR test confirming he had the disease, this which caused him to suffer from a fever and violent chills in addition to violent coughing and sneezing fits as well as chest pain before leaving him exhausted and frightened afterwards.

In an upcoming post in the Mail tomorrow Sunday, he revealed that when he tested positive it was “a strange and disturbing moment to know that I had this deadly virus in me.”

As his symptoms, which he said left him with “a voice that sounds like Barry White’s, though I couldn’t feel less like a love walrus” have now faded, Morgan revealed that although he had been showing symptoms despite the two doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine, he believes it was the vaccine that saved his life.

Revealing that he spoke to a respiratory expert who told him that while no current vaccine fully protects against infection with the newer variants, they all offer strong protection against hospitalization and death, Morgan praised. the scientists who created the vaccine, saying: “I am still here – unlike so many millions of people around the world who have lost their lives to Covid in this pandemic …. For this I owe a sincere debt to the brilliant scientists from Oxford who created the Astra-Zeneca vaccine with such astonishing speed.

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