Donald Trump Jr says he “fully understands addiction” after attacking Hunter Biden in CPAC remarks – .

Donald Trump Jr says he “fully understands addiction” after attacking Hunter Biden in CPAC remarks – .

In remarks at the nation’s largest conservative conference, Donald Trump Jr denounced Hunter Biden and appeared to call him “total waste” and accused him of “selling access to the highest levels of government” and “sell your country”.
“How do you think the media would react if ‘Don Jr smoked Parmesan? “I promise you it wouldn’t be what we saw in the media,” Trump said at the conservative political action conference in Dallas, Texas on July 9, attacking the son of President.

“Then I say that and they say ‘Oh, you’re kidding people with drug addicts’,” he added.

President Joe Biden’s son has admitted his struggle with drug addiction, detailed in a recently released memoir and in interviews. The president has also addressed his son’s drug and alcohol abuse on several occasions, including during a heated debate between Mr. Biden and the former president, which falsely referred to him as a naval officer “Dismissed from office without honor”.

“My son, like many people at home, had a drug problem,” Biden replied. “I am proud of him. I am proud of my son.

During his appearance at CPAC, Donald Trump Jr said, “I totally understand addiction. It is terrible. We all know people who have suffered from it. This does not exempt you from being a total waste in every other aspect of your life. This does not exempt you from selling access to the highest levels of government. This does not exempt you from selling your country.

Mr. Trump, right-wing media and GOP officials have alleged that Hunter Biden relied on his father’s vice-presidency to support his previous business relationship. The White House has denied that the president discussed such matters with his son.

Hunter Biden – who pursued a career in art – also took a close look at potentially expensive art offers, which the White House would keep confidential, even from the artist himself, to prevent wealthy buyers from having favorable access to Hunter or his family by paying large sums for his art.

On his first day as president, the president issued an executive order demanding strict ethical commitments from administration staff and officials, including extensions to the Obama-era ethics rules that include banning outgoing senior officials from communicating with their former agency, among other policies – including banning his family members from working in his administration.

The former president – whose company Trump Organization and its chief financial officer face several criminal charges, including fraud and conspiracy, following a multi-year investigation – and several of his administrative officials had family working in the White House. Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner worked as Mr. Trump’s chief advisers.

The former president maintained hundreds of conflicts of interest during his tenure – including retaining his sprawling real estate empire – while also profiting from the administration’s use of his properties.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington discovered more than 3,700 conflicts of interest within Trump’s White House, which made at least 547 visits to Trump’s properties during his four years in office.

Mr. Trump also said he made more than $ 1.6 billion in revenue and outside revenue during his tenure, according to federal financial disclosures with the US Office of Government Ethics.


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