Donald Trump is not making UFC 264 broadcast “a huge f-k up” – .

Donald Trump is not making UFC 264 broadcast “a huge f-k up” – .

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is beetroot red over Donald Trump’s orange complexion that was not broadcast on UFC 264.

Okay, there’s hyperbole in the opening line, but White revealed that Trump’s snub on last Saturday’s show was a big mistake. Trump was one of the famous guests at UFC 264, which took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday July 10 with Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 3 as the main event. Eyebrows rose when Trump, a big UFC supporter and personal friend of White, was absent from the show.

“We were getting ready to show him right between the main and main events,” White told TMZ Sports (h / t New York Post). “We had some kind of glitch in the truck. Then the Conor fight ended in the second round, so we never got the chance.

“Let me tell you – huge fk up by my production team,” continued the UFC boss. “But it’s live TV and these things happen. “

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