Dodgers Trying To Land Max Scherzer; Yankees on Trevor Story after Rizzo Landing – .

Dodgers Trying To Land Max Scherzer; Yankees on Trevor Story after Rizzo Landing – .

The MLB trade deadline for 2021 arrives on Friday afternoon, and at that late hour trade rumors are flowing like pristine river water and / or untreated sewage. Let’s take a look, will you?

As for what has already happened, our deadline tracking tool is here to help. Now for Thursday’s scuttlebutt.

The Dodgers close to the blockbuster for Scherzer

The Washington Nationals and Padres were said to be nearing a deal on a trade that would have sent right-handed starter Max Scherzer to San Diego. That deal was never made, however, and now it looks like Scherzer could head to the Dodgers – and bring shortstop Trea Turner with him, by Jeff Passan of ESPN.

Scherzer, 37 on Tuesday, missed a recent scheduled start due to triceps discomfort he developed during batting training. In 19 outings this season entering Thursday, he’s amassed a 2.76 ERA (135 ERA +) and strike-to-strike ratio of 5.25. He’s just made his eighth career All-Star Game and won three Cy Young Awards, the most recent of which was in 2017. Scherzer ended his triceps worries with a strong start against the Phillies on Thursday.

Turner, 28, is currently out after testing positive for COVID-19. He’s reached .322 / .369 / .521 (146 OPS +) with 18 home runs and 21 steals (out of 24 tries) this season. Turner won’t qualify for free agency until after next season. Corey Seager, the Dodgers’ starting shortstop, is currently out with a broken hand.

Yankees on Story after Rizzo Landing

According to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, the Yankees are reportedly willing to move first baseman Luke Voit as a way to create additional budget space. Sees, who is currently on the injured list with a inflamed knee, owed $ 4.7 million this season, suggesting the Yankees wouldn’t save a lot of money in a trade. Nonetheless, New York seems to be doing its best to accomplish two feats: adding talent without going over the luxury tax limit.

With a trade for Anthony Rizzo on Thursday night that included the Cubs paying the rest of his salary, the Yankees now appear to be on Trevor Story, by Jon Heyman of MLB Network. It stands to reason that Voit could still be available, however.

Mets can be close to a major addition

The Mets are looking to grab the top spot in the balanced but unspectacular East of the NL. Without a string of excessive injuries all season, New York could have a more comfortable lead over the Phillies and Braves. Since better health may be beyond their immediate control, the Mets may be looking to make some notable additions ahead of Friday’s arrival. Speaking of which, ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel reports that something big may be in the works:

The Mets have been linked with an array of deadline contenders: Kris Bryant of the Cubs, Trevor Story of the Rockies and Jose Berrios of the Twins, among them. Other targets may include Javier Baez and Craig Kimbrel of the Cubs. The numbers rotate to become healthier in the short to medium term, which may mean Bryant or Story is the most likely target for the Queenslanders. Either would make a lot of sense as the Mets grapple with the uncertainty surrounding Francisco Lindor’s oblique injury and a general lack of depth in the roster. That said, Berrios remains interesting, although the price may rise now that Scherzer appears to be off the market:

The disappointing Twins are sellers, but there is no guarantee that they will part ways with ace José Berríos. That’s because he’s only eligible for free agency after the 2022 season, and the Twins may want to keep him for that extra year. That said, that same extra year of squad control means the Twins could ask for a lot in return if they decide to move the 27-year-old double All-Star.

As stated just above, the Red Sox have some interest, and MLB Network’s Jon Morosi reports that the Mariners are also in discussions with the Twins:

The M’s left-hander recently added Tyler Anderson to the rotation, but that might not be done as they try to catch up in the AL Jokers scrum.

As for the Dodgers, the news that Scherzer is likely headed to San Diego has heightened LA’s interest in Berrios:

Jon Gray outside of Coors Field is an intriguing proposition, but Berrios is the more stable amount.

Stingrays and sailors swap lifters

The Rays and Mariners have agreed to a trade that will send reliever Diego Castillo to the Pacific Northwest in exchange for reliever JT Chargois and prospect Austin Shenton, by Jeff Passan of ESPN.

Castillo, 27, has posted a 2.72 ERA and strike-to-strike ratio of 4.90 in his first 36 innings this season. He is under the control of the team until the 2024 season.

Chargois, 30, has a 3.00 ERA and a strike-to-walk ratio of 4.83 in 30 innings for the Mariners this season. The Rays are his fourth organization. If he stayed, he wouldn’t qualify for free will until after the 2025 season.

Shenton, meanwhile, is a 23-year-old who was drafted in 2019. He’s reached 0.300 / 0.414 / 0.566 this season on two levels (High- and Double-A). He hits the ball hard and controls the strike zone, which makes for an interesting prospect.


Hudson, 34 and in the final year of his contract, has a 2.20 ERA on the season, and he has a 2.99 ERA and a K / BB ratio of 3.27 since the start of the season. season 2019. The Nats have little reason to hold him back, and relievers are always in demand this time of year. So here’s this, regarding one of NL West’s three power plants:

Hudson is currently on the COVID-19 injured list, but that probably wouldn’t pose a serious obstacle to a business.


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