Disneyland Paris sparks anger after preventing mother from breastfeeding in public – .

Disneyland Paris sparks anger after preventing mother from breastfeeding in public – .

Paris (AFP)

Disneyland Paris, Europe’s biggest tourist attraction, apologized to a mother on Tuesday after two of her security staff ordered her to stop breastfeeding her baby in public.

Another visitor drew attention to the incident on Sunday, indignantly tweeting that two security officers “prevented a mother from breastfeeding her two-year-old baby on the grounds that it shocked foreign customers.” In France, in July 2021!

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the two officers standing over two women sitting on a bench, one of them holding a small baby. In another tweet, the witness said the mother was Australian.

Responding to the messages, on which the French government has been copied, Disneyland said on Tuesday that it “deeply regrets this situation and once again apologizes to the mother in question”.

The agents’ actions were “not compatible with our regulations and our values,” she said, insisting “that there are no restrictions on breastfeeding at Disneyland Paris”.

She also added that she offered “different places” on the site “for those who prefer a dedicated place” to breastfeed their children.

In its first Twitter response to Monday’s incident, Disneyland set a shameless tone, saying only that mothers have special pieces “with suitable and comfortable materials such as special breastfeeding seats.”

He changed his tone after being castigated on Twitter by the French Minister of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, who was previously Minister of Gender Equality.

“Dear @DisneylandParis, breastfeeding a baby is not a crime. It’s good that you have dedicated rooms but nobody knows when or where a baby will be hungry, ”she wrote.

“Don’t start stigmatizing mothers too, it’s hard enough like that elsewhere,” she added.


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