Discuter de The Suicide Squad, The Green Knight et Old – .

Discuter de The Suicide Squad, The Green Knight et Old – .

Clockwise from left: Dev Patel in The Green Knight (Photo: Eric Zachanowich / A24);  Idris Elba and Viola Davis in The Suicide Squad (Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures);  Gael Garcia Bernal and Alex Wolfe in Old (Photo: Universal Pictures)

Clockwise from left: Dev Patel in The green knight (Photo: Eric Zachanowich / A24); Idris Elba and Viola Davis in The suicide squad (Photo : Warner Bros. Pictures) ; Gael Garcia Bernal et Alex Wolfe dans Old woman (Photo: universal images)
Graphic: Baraka Kaseko

The end of summer is not normally the time to expect exceptional cinema; At the start of August, blockbuster season draws to a close and awards season has yet to begin, leaving audiences stranded in a middle zone of purgatory heavy with less promising Hollywood releases. But against all odds, in these freak times, the summer heatwave brings some great movies to the big screen that are definitely worth seeing. In this week’s episode of Movie club, AA reviewers Dowd and Katie Rife talk about a trio of new releases giving the summer movie calendar a good name: M. Night Shyamalan’s nightmarish aging thriller Old woman, which came out last week; The hypnotic Arthurian fantasy epic of David Lowery The green knight, which opens today; and James Gunn’s gore, a fun new addition to the DC superhero universe, The suicide squad, which hits theaters and HBO Max next Friday.

Here’s what Katie Rife had to say about The suicide squad in his written review:

James Gunn could have blown up an entire island, if he wanted to. It’s hard to get exact numbers for upcoming movies, but with the original Suicide Squad budgeted at approximately $ 175 million, it seems safe to assume that the writer and director of his sequel had a few pennies to play with when building his take on DC’s bankable team of incarcerated villains turned reluctant antiheroes. So what did he choose to do with this money? Did he create a breathtaking sci-fi cityscape or perform some mind-blowing stunts that would make Tom Cruise jealous? No. He gave us John Cena in his skivvies and multiple characters whose prolonged and painful deaths are played for fun. In many ways, joyfully secular chaos, anything goes The suicide squad looks like a mega-budget version of the Troma Studios productions that gave Gunn his debut. And thank god for that.

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