Dillon Jordan arrested for alleged prostitution ring – .

Dillon Jordan arrested for alleged prostitution ring – .

Photo : AFP via Getty Images

California film producer Dillon Jordan was arrested Thursday for allegedly running a “long-standing” prostitution ring in the United States and abroad, federal prosecutors in Manhattan said. Jordan, producer of the film Maggie Gyllenhal 2018 The kindergarten teacher, is also charged with money laundering for allegedly funneling ill-gotten gains through two “shell companies,” federal prosecutors said.

“As alleged, for years Dillon Jordan operated an extensive and high-profile prostitution business, using a so-called event planning company and a film production company to cover up the proceeds of exploitation of women. Now the party is over and the movie is over, ”commented US Manhattan lawyer Audrey Strauss in a statement on his arrest and newly unsealed indictment.

According to federal authorities, Dillon also used several aliases: Daniel Jordan, Daniel Maurice Hatton and Daniel Bohler. Dillon’s production company PaperChase Films did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the allegations.

Federal prosecutors say Jordan ran the prostitution ring from around 2010 to May 2017, maintaining a “list of women who resided in the United States and who, in return for payment, committed sexual acts for Jordan’s clients… “Jordan reportedly communicated with clients via email” to coordinate prostitution services, which included sending clients photos of women available for hire for prostitution services, discussing price prostitution services and supervision of travel logistics for women to engage in prostitution ”.

Sometimes Jordan himself planned the women’s trip. He also coordinated with a lady in the UK “in sharing and referring clients and prostitutes,” federal prosecutors said. Jordan “knowingly persuaded, instigated, instigated and coerced an individual to travel” for the purpose of prostitution, according to the indictment.

Jordan, 49, is said to have used two companies – “a so-called party and event planning company and a film production company” – as fronts to manage the prostitution ring’s money to hide its illicit source. said federal prosecutors. (His other notable production credits include 2018 Skin, with Jamie Bell, and 2019 The child, with Ethan Hawke.)

The indictment charges Jordan with one count of conspiring to violate Mann’s Law (this law prohibits transporting people across states to engage in unlawful sexual activity), count of incitement, one count of using interstate commerce to promote illegal activities and one count of money laundering. If convicted on all counts, Dillon faces up to 50 years in federal prison.


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