Delta variant outbreaks, Russian rocker death, cruise lines sue vaccination status law, more – coronavirus calendar July 10-16 – .

Delta variant outbreaks, Russian rocker death, cruise lines sue vaccination status law, more – coronavirus calendar July 10-16 – .

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Our regular recap of coronavirus facts, figures and figures covers the death of a Russian rocker, the Delta variant, a cruise line suing Florida’s vaccination status law and much more. Our weekly timeline covers news in Cleveland, Ohio, the country and the world from July 10-16, followed by our quotes for the week:

July 10

Missouri hospital reports influx of Covid cases, with more than 90% of intensive care patients on ventilators; the increase in cases is linked to lower vaccination rates in the region, reports CNN.

11 July

Robin Goist of reports that a proposal to use federal stimulus dollars to give $ 4,000 in bonuses to police and firefighters in Mayfield Heights turned into an opportunity to give bonuses to all employees in the city ​​and administrative staff who were deemed “essential” and worked during the pandemic.

July 12

Ohio registers 224 new cases of Covid. … It is reported that the Orange City School District sent out a questionnaire, asking parents if they are willing to share their children’s Covid vaccination status. Superintendent Lynn Campbell indicates that the deadline for the Orange Board of Education to return the anonymous questionnaire is Friday, July 16. Campbell said the plan is to share the percentage of students in each school building who have been vaccinated, based on registrations for each building. … Covid cases in the United States are increasing after months of decline, as the number of new cases per day has doubled in the past three weeks. The fast-spreading Delta variant, late vaccination rates, and Independence Day rallies are cited as the reason. … Confirmed infections average about 23,600 per day, up from 11,300 on June 23, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. And all but two states – Maine and South Dakota – have reported that the number of cases has increased in the past two weeks. … The United States averages about 19,455 new cases in the past seven days, a 47% increase from the previous week, according to CNN, citing Johns Hopkins University. A third of those cases come from five hot spots: Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Nevada.

July 13

The Ohio Department of Health has 344 cases. Ohio records an average of 260 cases per day over the past 21 days. The State reports 59 hospitalizations; his 21-day average is 34.… On the heels of his draw Vax-a-Million, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says his administration will launch a statewide vaccination incentive initiative. He didn’t provide details, but hinted that the program would award more prizes for smaller amounts of money in a way that gives vaccinated Ohioans a better chance of winning. He said 59% of Ohioans 18 or older have been vaccinated and more than 99% of Ohioians hospitalized with coronavirus are unvaccinated. … Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is suing the Florida surgeon general over the law that prohibits companies from requiring vaccination documents from customers and employees.

July 14th

DeWine signs a bill that prohibits K-12 schools and public colleges from requiring the coronavirus vaccine. House Bill 244 began as a way to help military children make the transition to school when they move to and from Ohio. But in the flurry of the last few days of June before lawmakers went on vacation, the bill was amended to prohibit public schools, universities and other public rights from requiring vaccines that have not been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Currently, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson coronavirus injections are permitted for emergency use.

July 15th

Indonesia – which has become a dominant hotspot with a record number of infections and deaths – is receiving 1.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine from the United States. … The Associated Press reports that Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea have imposed lockdown restrictions over the past week as they struggle to contain the rise in infections amid slow vaccination drives. … Rock musician, poet and actor Pyotr Mamonov (photo above, top left) – a prominent figure on the Russian cultural scene for decades – has died of Covid. He was 70 years old. … The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is implementing a mandate requiring residents to wear masks indoors – regardless of their immunization status.

July 16

Ohio reports 533 new cases, 37 additional hospitalizations and 26 deaths from Covid.

South Korean health officials say songs faster than 120 beats per minute should not be played in gyms because “hard breathing” can lead to coughing up saliva. This would include Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi”.Rich Fury/Invision/AP

Quotes of the week

• “The Delta variant is here and growing rapidly. “- Dr Bruce Vanderhoff, chief medical officer for the Ohio Department of Health. Experts say hospitalizations and deaths from Covid are increasing in Ohio because of the Delta variant. Two-week case averages and hospitalizations tend to increase.

• “There’s a lot of work going on looking at this in real time to see if we might need a boost. But right now, given the data the CDC and the FDA have, they don’t think we need to tell people that you need to be strengthened. – Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on CNN’s “State of the Union”. Pfizer recently said it might be time for a third shot.

• “Playing brilliant tracks is to boost the morale of our members and the general mood, but my biggest question is whether playing classical music or songs from BTS (Korean boy group) turned out to be have an impact on the spread of the virus. Many people these days use their own headphones and portable devices, and how do you control their playlists? “- Kang Hyun-ku, owner of a gymnasium in Seoul, quoted by Reuters. Gyms in the South Korean capital are set to adopt an unusual Covid prevention strategy: play slower music. The Ministry of Health is implementing measures as the country battles an epidemic. They include restrictions on spinning and aerobic classes, which are not allowed to play music faster than 120 beats per minute, because “difficult breathing due to strenuous activities can splash a lot of saliva,” he said. the health ministry said in a statement. So songs like Katy Perry‘s « Teenage Dream » ou Miley Cyrus‘Wrecking Ball’ – both at 120 BPM – are OK. Avril LavigneThe “Sk8er Boi” is not.

• “Transmission will continue to accelerate… and those who will also pay the price, in addition to unvaccinated adolescents, are the small children who depend on adults and adolescents for immunization to slow or stop transmission. . “- Dr Peter Hotez, vaccinologist and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, at CNN Anderson Cooper. He said if vaccination rates among those 12 and older continued to slow amid the increased spread of the virus, younger members of the population would be the most affected.

We compile our coronavirus timeline from stories and dispatches. Every Saturday morning, we recap news and statistics regarding the virus. Here is the previous recap of the coronavirus July 3-9.

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