Delay of administrative formalities for the exchange of driving licenses between the United Kingdom and France – .

Delay of administrative formalities for the exchange of driving licenses between the United Kingdom and France – .

For trade outside the EU, France requires as part of the application a “certificate of the right to drive, dated less than three months and issued by the authority which issued the driving license”.
This must also result in a sworn translator (sworn translator).

In practice, this document for UK drivers is the DVLA ‘Certificate of Law’, also known as D737.

Translators charge around € 30-80 per document (see: You will also need a sworn translation of your UK license.

This D737 proves that your driving license is in effect and that your license has not been suspended, canceled or withdrawn.

Reader Anthony Wrigley of Deux-Sèvres said: “The telephone lines at DVLA [Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority] are effectively closed.

“We have tried 70 times a day and get the same: ‘We apologize for the high demand, please call back’. “

He also sent an email, but was asked to request the D737 certificate over the phone, which he was unable to do, or to use webchat. The DVLA website says its online chat service is currently “downsized”. Mr Wrigley is among those who need to apply for a trade because their driver’s license, issued before 2021, has expired or will do so within six months.

Under a new UK-France agreement, those who live and drive in France with licenses issued before 2021 do not have to trade unless they expire / have expired or in other limited circumstances.

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British licenses expire after 10 years, or at age 70. Those renewed for those over 70 or drivers with certain health problems only last three years.

DVLA confirms “significant” delays in contacting customer service, due to demand and social distancing rules, which means there are fewer staff on site, but says staff are working hard to answer questions.

It indicates that the D737s can be sent to any non-UK address and that there is no delay in this process. It will normally be posted the next business day following receipt of the request.

M. Wrigley a dit The connection he was planning to apply by mail, but the spokesperson reiterated the advice to use the phone or online chat – see the DVLA contact page.

The DVLA says that another way to get up-to-date information on the status of your driver’s license and entitlement is to use this link, where you can get an information page known as “Verification code” which can also be printed. The connection asked the French Ministry of the Interior if this could be acceptable as an alternative to the official certificate of entitlement.

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