Debate Intensifies Where to Place Circle of Heroes Monument in Battery Park – .

Debate Intensifies Where to Place Circle of Heroes Monument in Battery Park – .

LOWER MANHATTAN, Manhattan (WABC) – There is growing debate about where New York City should put a monument dedicated to essential workers. Community Board One was seeking public comment. On Wednesday evening, during a Zoom call with the residents, they had their ears full.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office is trying to wrap a hastily designed, wholly inadequate memorial for pandemic first responders and frontline workers in the already limited open space of Battery Park.RELATED | What New Yorkers Need to Know About the Delta Variant

The governor initially said the “Circle of Heroes” monument should go to one location, but backed down amid a public outcry.

On Wednesday night, a Battery Park City authority official listened and residents made it clear that the design is worn out and that the two new proposed locations are no better than the first.

“Really, every square inch has a current use and therefore any location you choose is going to change regardless of the current use,” said one resident.

Particularly troubling to many here, is the proposed eternal flame fueled by a propane tank. “We don’t want a gas flame anywhere,” said one resident.

One of the questions asked was: what is in a hurry?

Memorials like this often take years to design. The governor intends to complete this one by Labor Day.


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